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Crans Montana Forum

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For about 35 years, the Crans Montana Forum has become an exclusive meeting point for high level decision makers from Governments and Business who join us in order to share experience, exchange ideas and network for their common interest. World leader, the Crans Montana Forum has always paid a great importance to the discretion of its activities. It has never looked for publicity or an excessive media coverage of its prestigious events.

UBIS’s students were invited to attend the Crans Montana Forum which took place in Geneva (Switzerland), on June 26 to 29, 2019. This forum offers a unique opportunity to foster meaningful cooperation in order to address the challenges of Peace, Development and Stability.

The CRANS MONTANA FORUM is a Non-Governmental International Organization established since 1986, whose mission is to build a better World “Towards a more Humane World”.

The CRANS MONTANA FORUM is closely working with all Governments, specialised Bodies, International & Regional Organizations such as the UN, UNESCO, UNIDO, FAO, the EUROPEAN UNION, the EUROPEAN COMMISSION, the COUNCIL OF EUROPE, OFID… and naturally numerous NGOs.

Its primary aim is to strengthen international cooperation by promoting good practices and allowing a permanent dialogue between those in the public and private sectors who are the real decision-makers on whom the future of our World depends.

The Crans Montana Forum organizes several events per year. Every time, decision-makers, always at a high level, generally from about a hundred countries, meet in a private and informal setting to discuss the political, social, economic and security challenges of our Century.

Each of the Forums organised throughout the world (Brussels, Geneva, Rabat, Dakhla, Vienna, Barcelona, Crans-Montana, Bucharest, Budva, Baku, Zagreb, Roma, Sarajevo, Tirana, Athens, Malta, Bahrain etc.) represent unique opportunities for Businesses and Government Officials to network and strengthen their partnership relations.

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