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Scholarship & Financial Aid

UBIS is a private university with limited funding available.  However, being that UBIS feels every student deserves a chance to further his/her education, we have made a policy decision to help as many students as possible, rather than offering a few students’ large amounts towards their studies.

UBIS offers the following forms of financial assistance to its students:

UBIS Grants

Eligible students may receive up to 25% based on a student’s real financial need, as established by their supporting documentation. These grants cannot be combined with other UBIS financial awards the student may have already received and do not apply to on-line undergraduate studies.  In general, financial grants are not automatic, must be applied for and supporting documentation must be presented. Financial need awards are granted only after a student has exhausted all other possible sources of aid and still falls short of the necessary funds to pay his/her studies. These needs may take into account the student’s country of origin, and actual revenue compared to the need for studies.

Students requesting financial need-based grants must submit copies of their own or their sponsor’s income tax reports for the most current year and/or salary sheets of the same with an evaluation of the student’s needs compared to what is available. All financial grant awards require that a student earn and keep a cumulative GPA; a minimum of a C (2.0) average for undergraduates and a B (3.0) average for graduates. Students who fail to maintain the required GPA after 1 semester, will be placed on probation and will lose their grant if their GPA is not increased to the required level by the 3rd semester following the probationary period.  All students receiving financial grant awards must enroll for and complete a minimum of 18 credits (6 courses) per year. Financial grants are for need-based awards and do not automatically cover the entire period of a student’s studies unless stated otherwise; such recipients are required to reapply before the expiry date.

Outside Funding

Students also have access to many options for financial aid outside UBIS. Here are some suggested links students can research further:

Loan Assistance

Financial awards repayable after the study period


External Grants and Scholarships






UBIS Scholarships

Academic Merit Scholarships are evaluated through the presentation of a student’s transcript(s) and diploma(s). Undergraduate students with a cumulative GPA of B+ (3.3) and Graduate students with a cumulative GPA of A- (3.7) may be considered for academic merit-based scholarship awards.

Academic Excellence Scholarships

UBIS students in good academic standing may apply for these awards after he/she has completed their first semester at UBIS. These scholarships cannot be combined with other UBIS financial awards the student may have already received and do not apply to on-line undergraduate studies. Students who fail to maintain the required GPA after 1 semester, will be placed on probation and will lose their scholarship if their GPA is not increased to the required level by the 3rd semester following the probationary period. A limited number of awards are offered each academic year.

For undergraduates:
10% = B+ (3.3) GPA
15% = A- (3.7) GPA or better

For graduates:
10% = B+ (3.3) GPA
15% = A- (3.7) GPA or better

A student who accepts a UBIS scholarship or grant confirms that he/she can find the necessary funding to pay all other expenses. If the payment of the tuition fees is not received by the given deadline, UBIS reserves the right to revoke any grant or scholarship awarded to the recipient.


  • Recipients of UBIS financial grants and scholarships may not receive more than one award at a time
  • Scholarships/grants are limited in size and subject to the timely payment of tuition
  • Scholarships/grants only apply to tuition cost (books, prerequisite courses, assessment exams, etc. are not included)
  • Loan qualification and repayment are subject to the terms and conditions of the lender
  • Please contact the Admissions Office by email at admissions@ubis-geneva.chor by phone at  +41 (0) 22 732 62 82 for more information.