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“My college campus is in Geneva, Switzerland! So I get to study business in the core of the international business world, but I also get to travel on days off to places like Italy, France, Germany, Spain… That’s the type of education you don’t find in any book.”

Joseph Pospichal, from California, USA, BBA Exchange Student

“UBIS to me means quality education: the professors at UBIS are respected not only in the classroom but by business communities and international organizations throughout the world. That makes a big difference during your studies and after graduation when you have to apply the knowledge gained at UBIS to the real world environment.”

Liridon Byqmeti, from Kosovo, MBA Graduate

“International business sounds so large and overwhelming. But it can be a small, tight-knit community. The professors here know your name, the school doesn’t treat you like a number and living in Geneva means even the world’s center of business feels like your home. It’s a family here.”

Maureen Akot, Uganda, BBA Student

“It’s exciting to be around so many different thoughts and perspectives. Great ideas can come from anywhere and when you are surrounded by students from all over the world, you get a more well-rounded perspective to everything you share and learn. We are growing together here from this very rich soil.”

Yang Pulkol, Uganda, BA-IR student

“The opportunities here are greater than what I even knew about before I started here. I wanted to be able to start working anywhere in this world. And the contacts UBIS has with global corporations means an internship even while I’m still in school. I will be prepared for anything the world has to offer.”

Visa KRASNIQI, from Kosovo, BBA student

“It gives me great pleasure to say with pride that I have completed my MBA program from UBIS University. The relationship between the faculty and the students is very cordial, which allowed me to excel in my area of interest. The 18 months spent here were splendid and it has helped me to grow better professionally & personally.”

To Thanh Tan, Town President of Vinh Hung, Bac Lieu Province, Vietnam, MBA Graduate

“My bachelor’s degree was in business and I was following a business advancement study but decided to change my career path for MAIR, as I wanted to work in the fundraising area, with honors, in International Organizations and also wanted to make an impact.

My studies at UBIS was very interesting. As an online student, the flexibility worked very well for me, giving me a work-life balance. Also, I had a great payment schedule which worked very well for me and my organization. The school administration is very responsive and supportive. I have been able to change my career path due to my studies and my work experience and hope to reach my full potential in the future. The faculty at UBIS helped and motivated me a lot to realize my potential. I am privileged I studied at UBIS.”

Faustina, UBIS Graduate

“I am very proud to be an Alumni of UBIS. The extraordinary experience and support of the staff was wonderful, very accommodating and supportive throughout my degree program. As a young professional when I started the program, flexibility was key, I valued the extraordinary flexibility of the program and the direct applicability of the knowledge gained to my day to day professional activities. My high expectations were exceeded and I felt a sense of accomplishment getting my BBA degree in 2013. The school considers diversity important and works with each student no matter what their background and origin is.”

Vasco K. Boahen (DiplAcct, BBA, MBA, MCIBS, Chartered Banker)
Business Development Analyst, The Global Fund, Geneva, Switzerland

“What I like about UBIS is the small, very practical and highly interactive classes taught by top-quality professors. The magnificent campus is located in the heart of Geneva, a city which possesses the most serene and tremendous social amenities. Moreover, I have already been able to work on five business projects during my studies which I could carry on after completing my Master’s Degree.”

Timothy Masebe, UBIS Graduate

“I would like to emphasize that thanks to UBIS, I am currently getting a lot of success and achievements due to the education I got in Geneva. My accomplishments are going on not only in my country but also at an international level.”

Ramid Aliyev, UBIS Graduate

UBIS provides education for various types of career training and career advancement

Here are some examples of workplaces and positions held by our students and Alumni.

  • Administrative Referee, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Croatia, Croatia
  • Brand Sales and Marketing Manager, Pierre Kunz Geneve SA, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Department of Administration – Accountant, Artraction, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Development Products Manager, Franck Muller Watchland, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Global Fund Program Manager, UNDP, Liberia
  • The Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, Geneva Switzerland
  • Financial Program Officer, Inter-African Committee, Geneva Switzerland
  • HR Administrator, Global Petroprojects Services AG, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Internal Communications Executive, Lloyds TSB, International Private Banking.
  • Marketing Coordinator Continental Europe and Americas, Michael Page International, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Office Manager, Luxury and Mechanical Watch Distribution AG, Group Franck Muller Watchland, Geneva Switzerland
  • Operations Sector Johnson & Johnson Corporation, Le Locle, Switzerland