Admission’s Process

1. Application Procedure

Submit the application form with the following documents:

For Bachelor and Master programs:

  1. Scanned version of the 1st page of your passport (Bachelors and Masters)

  2. Only Undergraduate diplomas are required for Master level studies (Bachelors and Masters)

  3. Final transcript of grades and courses. This includes official transcripts for all undergraduate programs undertaken. (Bachelors and Masters)

  4. If your previous schooling has not been in English or if you are Non-Native English speakers). IELTS minimum score of 5. (Bachelors and Masters)

  5. Motivation Letter (Bachelors and Masters)


For Doctorate program:

  1. Scanned version of the 1st page of your passport (DBA)

  2. Professional experience validation for credits program can apply (PEV process CHF 2,500) (DBA)

  3. Must hold a Masters degree, or equivalent, from an approved University and have significant professional experience.(DBA)

  4. English proficiency test: IELTS (min score 5.5) or equivalent (DBA)

  5. Minimum 5 years of professional experience. Description of professional and academic experiences are required (DBA)

  6. Motivation Letter (DBA)

Students in need of a Swiss student visa for on-ground studies must also submit the following documents, required by the Swiss authorities, in addition to those listed above:

  1. Bank Statements showing at least CHF9’000 or equivalent.
  2. Photocopy of a valid passport.
  3. Study Plan indicating why the student chose Switzerland, why Geneva, why UBIS, what the student plans to study, how long it will take, what degree(s) the student intends to achieve, and the student’s plans to leave Switzerland after completing his/her studies.

No originals by post, just official copies.
Please note than all official copies must be sent by post to:

Office of University Admissions
University of Business and International Studies (UBIS)
Avenue Blanc, 46
CH-1202 Geneva

2. Application Fee

Pay a non-refundable CHF100 application processing fee (payment can be made via Paypal, credit card, bank transfer, Western Union, PostFinance or cash).

In case you do not have a credit card, Admission team will include application fee to the Provisional Acceptance Letter.

Many thanks for your interest in UBIS and for considering our University for your education and career. You will receive in the coming days all information needed and our team will do their best to answer all your questions. Your application will be processed upon payment of a CHF100.00 application fee.

Pay by Bank Transfer

to the following account:

IBAN: CH27 0024 0240 8546 4701 E
Bank code : 240
Rue de Rhone 8
CH-1204 Geneve
Beneficiary :
UBIS SA-University of Business and International Studies
46, Avenue Blanc
1202 Genève
Contact Person:
Christelle Bosquet

Pay online

by clicking the button below:



At UBIS we welcome students from everywhere and every background. As such you might benefit from the following options:

Transfer your credits

UBIS welcomes students who wish to continue their studies by transferring to the university. UBIS has three 16-week semesters per year and offers students 6 entry dates per year – more flexibility in starting your studies. As a rule, UBIS accepts a maximum of 90 (30*3-credit courses) in transfer for undergraduate studies and a maximum of 18 (6*3-credit courses) for graduate studies. Please note that transfer credits are never evaluated without receipt of the student’s full application form and all the above supporting documentation.