UBIS’ Research Mission and Strategy from Dr. Stuart Kewley, Executive Director, UBIS Research Institute 

UBIS is a private university, established in 2006. UBIS’ research mission is to produce theory-led, practically relevant research in relevant journals that addresses real-world organizational and management challenges faced by businesses, public organizations, regulatory bodies, and or policy-makers. UBIS’ research strategy is to create a supportive, collaborative culture of research within the University where the staff is encouraged to engage in research output and where the University sets clear research goals through its research institute and is supportive of staff’s research efforts.

UBIS’ research activities are aligned with the mission and goals of the University. The main focus of the activity is an Applied Research Program conducted through the Research Institute, which helps to reinforce the academic rigor of the University by supporting high-quality research which then can be used to enhance the student experience. Faculty development is further assisted by research activities. Faculty are kept up-to-date on trends, best practices, and teaching practices benefit.

Research Areas and Subgroups

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Based on discussions and analysis of the fields of expertise in the UBIS network, the following areas have been identified

Research Philosophy and Values

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1. Introduction: Research Philosophy and Values Historically, innovation in education and applied sciences has been part of the DNA of