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Disaster Risk Reduction

18 May Administrator 0 Case Study . Report

The world’s foremost gathering on reducing disaster risk and building the resilience of communities and nations, the Global Platform for Disaster Reduction was first held in 2007. It takes place every two years, with the 2015 edition rolled into the Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction.

Its sixth session will take place in Geneva, Switzerland from 13 to 17 May, 2019 under the theme Resilience Dividend: Towards Sustainable and Inclusive Societies. UBIS students took different in this event and gained new skills and a very valuable experience.

Testimonials from the student:

“Being a volunteer at Help Desk gave me a chance to observe how the staffs at UN Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) organized this global conference. There were several details that I did pay attention during 5 days can be helpful for my future career as an event manager. “

“Overall, I feel that the practitioner lab this time allow me to experience things that I did not expect I would know or even think that I would experience. I learned a lot of personal lessons, a lot of knowledge in politics, etiquette and protocol also in administrative and logistic works. On top of that, I have learned many personal lessons as well. I had the chance to meet a lot of amazing people from the UN as well as make friends with many of my wonderful fellow volunteers from ICV, it was truly a rewarding and valuable experience week for me.”

“Overall it was an amazing experience and I am thankful to have the opportunity to work at this platform as a volunteer even though I was dead tired after every night. Everyday I was able to see something new, learn something more and I never regret any moment I was in the CICG building even though I was there for twelve hours each day. During my time as the volunteer I  realized the values of communication, professionalism and responsibility as well as helping people who are in need. If I were to be asked again to join in a similar event as this I would definitely say “yes” without any hesitation. ”

“In short, through a 5-day volunteer, I feel like I’m a lot more mature. I want to thank Professor Viola Krebs for giving me the opportunity to experience, learn and try on such global social affairs. Thereby, I can gain more experience for later, observe everything thoroughly and have a huge amount of knowledge.”

“And the best experience I achieved from the conference was that I could communicate with many people, they are from academia, non-government organizations, from the UN office, and also my colleagues from ICV. I spent 5 days volunteering and I would say it was the five-best days that I can learn many things and acquire rich experience.”

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