Student Services

As the department most directly dedicated to student life in Geneva, UBIS Student Services office is committed to help UBIS students wherever it can and mainly focuses on providing the students with a customized experience from the day they arrive to the day they graduate.

UBIS Student Services office provides students with information and support about the following topics :

UBIS Student Services helps students with


Geneva is an international city that benefits from all advantages of a relatively big city but also from all its inconvenient, and more precisely housing. Finding a place to live in Geneva is very difficult because of the specificities of the city: a multicultural and multilingual town which welcomes an important number of foreigners.

Administrative Support

Swiss student permit – Student Services represents a large source of information mainly regarding to Swiss Residence Permit necessary to your stay and study in Geneva

Swiss Health Insurance – Student Services represents a large source of information mainly regarding to Swiss Health Insurance which is compulsory in Switzerland.

Career Service

Career Services aims to provide students with practical advice (CV and cover letter writing, tips before interview etc.).

UBIS Community & Forum

  • UBIS Ambassadors & Alumni
  • UBIS student forum

We believe that exchange can only be positive and enriching. Please visit our forum and get your voice heard, whether you want to learn more from students currently studying at UBIS, or you need advice about your career and studies.


Educational Events: UBIS activities include educational events such as conferences, debates and workshops: thanks to our network of highly experienced international experts and consultants, coming from a variety of business sectors, UBIS is a trusted partner of prominent corporations, and international organizations. Together with them UBIS organizes workshops and symposia to consolidate our students’ preparation

Get Together Activities: UBIS is also actively promoting leisure activities for students and faculty, such as the Welcome dinner, Christmas Party, Get togethers etc. as well as the organization of the Annual Graduation Ceremony.

Library & Textbooks

  • UBIS physical library
  • Online library
  • Others

VIP services

One of UBIS specialties is to take a personal care of VIP students who, for whatever reason, cannot or do not want to attend a normal curriculum and go through the standard examination way.

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