Transfer Students

Transfer your credits

UBIS welcomes students who wish to continue their studies by transferring to the university. UBIS has three 16-week semesters per year and offers students 6 entry dates per year-more flexibility in starting your studies. As a rule, UBIS accepts a maximum of 90 (30*3-credit courses) semester credit hours in transfer for undergraduate studies and a maximum of 18 (6*3-credit courses) semester credit hours for graduate studies. Please note that transfer credits are never evaluated without receipt of the student’s full application form and all the above supporting documentation.

In general, as long as your undergraduate grades are equal to an American “C” “2.0” or 75% or better, and graduate grades are equal to an American “B” 3.0 or 85% or better and the courses actually apply to the course of studies at UBIS and the course applies directly to your program of studies, the answer is normally yes. However, transfer credits will neither be evaluated nor calculated until the Admissions Office receives the student’s completed application form, all supporting documents and the application fee has been paid, to ensure that all necessary information is available at the time of evaluation.

Acceptance of transfer credit is always a decision of receiving institutions. UBIS does not guarantee transferability. Any student interested in transferring UBIS credit to another university should check directly with the receiving institution.