VIP/Customized Services

Taking Care of Individual Needs

One of UBIS specialties is to take a personal care of VIP students who, for whatever reason, cannot or do not want to attend a normal curriculum and go through the standard examination way. UBIS has developed a family approach to make sure that the student is accompanied during his learning period, taking much more into consideration of the individual way, how the student is going to learn, including his/her personal schedule and wishes.  The objective of UBIS VIP services is to make sure he / she reaches the diploma in the time frame and conditions well defined at the admission stage.

UBIS customized services include:

  • A fully individual and customized approach: the student works with a dedicated team of professors who will adapt their style for the benefit of the student.
  • A blended approach: the student attends the group courses but gets in addition an individual tutoring and passes the exam in a private manner
  • A family office perspective: all usual student services for housing, administrative formalities, medical or personal care as well as special requests are dealt with discretion and efficiency in a personalized way
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