Practical Information


Geneva is a cosmopolitan city; one finds there several communities to know: South American, Asian, Afrikaans, Turkish, Portuguese and Albanian.

This ethno cultural diversity has a strong influence in the culinary field. Indeed there are all kinds of food, specialties from different parts of the world at all prices, not to mention the typical traditional Swiss dishes.

One of the most common and cheapest foods in Geneva is the Kebab. They are located almost in every corner. One can even find the student menu, often with a pizza offer with drink included for 10 CHF. There are also fast-foods like Mc Donald, KFC and Chic Chicken.

Prices are becoming more affordable in supermarkets such as MIGROS, MANOR, ALIGRO, ALDI, COOP, LIDL and DENNER where prices vary from 2 CHF to CHF 8 for breakfast items, lunch: sandwich, salad, bread, hors-d’œuvre, croissant, drinks. It is also possible to go shopping according to the needs at home.

It is also possible to go shopping in neighboring France because the items are a little less expensive than in Geneva. There is the Carrefour supermarket after each customs post. Just  keep remember to bring his residence card and passport.

How to get in France from Geneva via TPG (Public Geneva Transportation)

There are several options:

From Cornavin station BUS F heading to Ferney-Voltaire(France)

From Cornavin station BUS 61 heading to Annemasse(France)

From Bel-Air stop’s BUS D heading to Saint-Julien en Genevois(France)

From Bel-Air stop’s TRAM 12 heading to Moillesulaz(France)

Restaurants in Geneva:


Applications in App Store and Google play: (application available on google play/ iTunes)

Eat&OutMiky(application available on google play/ iTunes)


Lidl which has over 100 stores across Switzerland offers Swiss quality, freshness and authenticity in their range of products with a low and affordable price. More discounts on Saturday, closed on Sunday.

Denner which has 522 branches throughout Switzerland can be reached easily on foot or by public transport. Similar to Lidl, Denner also implements the discount concept in their supermarket together with high quality in their products. More discounts on Saturday, closed on Sunday.

Tips: look for 50% off sticker to save more.

Coop and Migros are the two largest supermarkets in Switzerland, open 7 days per week, they have a variety of products but often come with a premium price.

Asian grocery stores

For Asian students, here is a list of some Asian grocery stores for you to visit.

o   Thu Hang Alimentation Asiatique – Rue de Monthoux 52, 1201 Genève

o   Uchitomi – Rue du Rhône 42, 1204 Genève