UBIS Faculty

Faculty Position at UBIS Education Certificates
Professor Firuz Alimov Professor of Business, Leadership & Entrepreneurship MBA, Executive Master of Business Administration: Technology and Entrepreneurship Six Sigma, Project Management
Professor Adrian Aung Other Academics MBA, Marketing focus
Professor Manuela Borlovan Professor or Project Management, Leadership and Management MC, National School for Political Studies and Administration PMI
Dr. Alisa Cooper Professor of English EdD, M.ED, Nova Southeastern University, Northern Arizona University
Professor Kamal Dadashov Professor of International Finance and Economics MBA, Emlyon Business School GARP (Global Association of Risk Professionals): Certificate of Foundation of risk management basis x CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting (C01-C05)
Professor Vanessa Gallacher Professor of English, Business and Law BSB, MBA/GM, University of Phoenix Adult Educator Certification, Management Development Program
Professor Veronica Gay Other Academics MSP, Argosy University
Dr. Dawn George Professor of English, Business and Law JD, MBA
Dr. Roberta Giannini Professor Organization Management, Marketing and Finance PhD Organization Management, MBA
Dr. Doug Gilbert Professor of Law, International Business and Management DBA, MBA, JD, ABD/PhD
Dr. Ken Goldsmith Professor Law, Business and Leadership Management DBA, JD, MPA, Commissioner American Bar Association, DEI Certification from USF,
Dr. Oscar Gutierrez Information Technology Chair PhD, MSc, Ma
Professor Aishath Hamza Professor of Psychology and Counseling Master in Counseling Coaching Psychology
Professor Erick Jensen Faculty MBA Global Business
Professor Grant Knaggs Professor of Economics, Finance and Business MS Economics Detailed study in Leadership in the Evolving Health Care Environment, Harvard University, 1998
Dr. Viola Krebs Dean and Professor of Business and International Relations PhD Sciences of Information and Communications, MSC Web Designer, Web Programmer, Web Developer
Professor David Libhart Professor of Statistics, Math and Quantitative Research MAEd
Dr. Pete(Joseph) Leonard Professor of Business and Marketing Development MBA (working on PHD)
Professor Laura Lundquist Other academics PhD, MAEd,
Professor Cole(Kevin) McEuen Professor of Accounting and Finance MBA (Accounting & Finance)
Dr. Svetlana Mitereva Professor of Research Methodologies, Finance, Economics and Project Management DBA, MBA, (Economics) PMP, PMI
Dr. ThanhNhan(joseph) Nguyen Professor of Web Strategy, Market Research Methodology, Entrepreneurship & Organizational Communication Research Doctorate, MBA
Dr. ThanhTuan Nguyen Faculty DBA
Dr. KhanhTrung Nguyen Faculty PhD Business Admin
Professor NgocDoanTrang Nguyen Faculty Masters of Finance
Professor Shasta Nicholson Professor of Business and Human Resources MBA HRM Certificate
Professor Marina Papadopoulu Professor of Finance, Banking and Economics MSE, H.E.C. in Business Admin (Data Privacy and Preservation)
Professor HlaingOo Pyait Other Academics MA
Dr. Daniele Raffo Professor of IT, Network and Databases PhD Computer Science
Professor Giuliana Renga Professor of Language and History MA of Education
Professor Kalani Rice Professor of Project Management, Leadership and Business MBA, MAED PMP
Professor Naiara Rodriguez Professor of Negotiations ABD, MSC (Political Economy), MS
Professor Daniel Roura Professor of International Relations and Politics MBA
Professor SinghSikerwar Sandeep Faculty MBA
Dr. Antonina Santalova DBA Director, Professor of Social Policy, International Development & Methodology, UBIS Research Institute Director PhD (Business, Strategic Management) DPhil in Social Policy
Professor Elissa Shapiro Professor of Management and Leadership Master of Science, Management and Leadership
Dr. Beth Smith Professor of International Security Studies, Legal Issues and Finance Phd, MA, BA
Professor KhinHnin Soe Professor of International Trade MAEd, MS, MAEd, MS, Certified facilitator for Problem-Based Learning
Dr. Carol Sommers Professor of Operations Management DBA, MBA, ISO9000-Trainer
Dr. Omar Soro Faculty PhD, Eonomics, MA.Economics, MSC/Computer Science
Professor Saxon Song Professor of Finance, Accounting and Math MBA Finance
Dr. Bernard Tamer Professor of Brand Marketing, Digital Marketing and Social Media DBA, MBA (Marketing)
Professor KyiCin Thant Professor of Economics and International Business Management Master of Arts, Master of Economics Master of Arts, Master of Economics
Professor TamAnh Tran Professor of International Development Strategies, Internet Marketing, and Business Operations MBA
Professor Aung Tun Tun Other Academics Master of Information Technology
Dr. Pham Vihn Faculty DBA, MA (Marketing, Strategic Management) MSc Management Economics & International Relations, University of Nigeria
Professor ThiMaiHuong Glenda Vo Faculty MBA,
Professor KhineMin Wai Professor of Project Management, and Business Sustainability, Ethics and Social Responsibility MBA, PMP
Professor Alison Wilson Professor of Business Administration MSA CST Certified Surgical Tech
Professor Alyssa Wicker Faculty MBA, (working on PHD)