Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA)

Doctorate of Business Administration

The Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) degree is to prepare scholars and professionals to meet the needs of the fast-changing business world, develop critical thinking skills necessary to design and implement advanced business practices aimed at tackling the challenges of a complex and global economy, to further applied research with strong business impact, to devise new business practices and models.

Program Objectives

Upon completion of the program, graduates will be able to identify problems related to U.S. and foreign businesses and to respond artfully to these challenges. In addition, graduates will be empowered with the knowledge and skills required to work as leaders in U.S. business organizations, nongovernmental organizations, and international entities.

Graduates of the Doctorate of Business Administration can:

  • Demonstrate fluency within the chosen discipline
  • Demonstrate support of current and emerging business theory, practice, and influences that support business administration strategy and organizational missions in changing environments
  • Integrate appropriate principles and research methodologies frequently used in business research to solve current business administration problems
  • Formulate effective solutions to real-world problems in business administration that improve the effectiveness of organizations in support of organizational missions

Program Overview

  • Online course delivery designed with high flexibility for industry professionals.
  • Designed to be completed in 3 years including dissertation.
  • Total of 60 credits US, consisting of 15 courses including dissertation defense.
    • Nine 700 level courses – total of 42 US/84 ETCS credits.
    • Six 800 level courses – total of 18US/36 ETCS credits.
  • Personalized coaching and guidance by doctoral faculty.
  • Flexibility to focus on your desired research topic as long as the research is connected to management.

Research and Dissertation Overview

The UBIS DBA research and thesis portion of the program consists primarily of individual research, under the supervision of qualified professors who provide a broad range of expertise as well as an international reputation.

At UBIS, every selected student will receive rigorous and tailor-made coaching by our doctoral faculty.  The program can cover traditional research topics in fields such as management, finance, marketing, organizational behavior, as well as non-traditional topics depending on students’ needs. Virtually all topics are accepted as long as the research is connected to management.

Each module will contribute to the research for your Dissertation. Moreover, our very practical DBA is based on skills rather than merely research like other Doctorate programs. We will also help you perfect your public speaking abilities which we know is very important for any professional career.

During the program you will be guided by a professor with a deep understanding of the field you will be studying but at the end of the day the expert on the particular topic will be you.

An executive version of the program is available for individuals with sufficient academic or professional background in the field. For more information on the EDBA click here

Program Duration

3 years

Course Overview

DBA Required Courses
DBA 701 Business & Management Research at the doctoral level 5 US/10 ETCS Credits
DBA 702 Literature review methods and legitimate resources 5 US/10 ETCS Credits
DBA 703 Trends in Strategic Management 5 US/10 ETCS Credits
DBA 705 Trends in Leadership 5 US/10 ETCS Credits
DBA 706 Trends in Sustainability and Responsibility 5 US/10 ETCS Credits
DBA 707 Case Study Research 5 US/10 ETCS Credits
DBA 708 Advanced Qualitative Techniques 5 US/10 ETCS Credits
DBA 709 Advanced Quantitative Techniques 5 US/10 ETCS Credits
DBA710 Doctoral Candidacy Seminar 2 US/4 ETCS Credits
DBA 800 Doctoral Research I: Proposal Development 3 US/6 ETCS Credits
DBA 801 Doctoral Research II: Introduction & Literature Review 3 US/6 ETCS Credits
DBA 802 Doctoral Research III: Methodology 3 US/6 ETCS Credits
DBA 803 Doctoral Research IV: Results and Findings 3 US/6 ETCS Credits
DBA 804 Doctoral Research V: Discussion and Conclusion 3 US/6 ETCS Credits
DBA 810 Dissertation Defense and Publication 3 US/6 ETCS Credits



Tuition Fees

$38,250 USD

Program Structure

Flexible online courses to accommodate the personal and work schedules of business professionals.

Degree Level

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)


International Network

Close links with the corporate world

International Accreditation

Dual Degree Programs

International Locations

Outstanding Selection of Professors

Online – Blended

(Transfer between formats)

9 Terms per Year

Flexible Schedule

Global University

International faculty and student body

84% study abroad alumni felt their studies abroad helped them build valuable skills for the job market

Transfer your credits

UBIS welcomes students who wish to continue their studies by transferring to the university. UBIS has three 16-week semesters per year and offers students 9 entry dates per year-more flexibility in starting your studies.

Acceptance of transfer credit is always a decision of receiving institutions. UBIS does not guarantee transferability. Any student interested in transferring UBIS credit to another university should check directly with the receiving institution.

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