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Corporate Partners

UBIS enjoys privileged collaborations with prominent corporations and with prestigious international organization. This, and the fact that we are based in Geneva—the European HQ of a huge variety of public organizations, NGOs and significant number of international corporations—ensures that our students are best positioned for a preferred entry in the global job market. This is why we believe that UBIS is your red carpet to professional success: joining UBIS you will study in business class!

UBIS is proud to partner with various organizations which will enhance the experience that students and participants have with us.  As one of our goals is to be close to the corporate world, in order to open for our participants and students, new opportunities, collaborations will be looked at with that objective in mind.

The Futurework Forum (FWF)

FWF works with senior management in public and private sector organizations to help them anticipate the future of work and develop strategies and plans that will help them achieve their objectives – inspiring, engaging and directing the best performance from their people.

FWF is a global think tank of more than 20 independent consultants devoted to reviewing, researching, reporting and responding to issues around the future of work. FWF partners’ use their knowledge, experience and unique access to help organizations in both the private and public sector solve tomorrow’s work problems today, including:

  • Researching future-of-work issues
  • Acting as “expert witnesses” to organizations and institutions
  • Providing consulting services to senior managers and corporate planners
  • Writing, reporting and presenting on future-of-work issues
  • Presenting, debating and chairing conferences and seminars on future world-of-work issues

The future of people management is key in UBIS strategy. It is the basis to prepare our Clients to world challenges, world environment of tomorrow and real needs of corporate.

Bangkok School of Management (BSM)


UBIS is proud to be associated with BSM.  Indeed , as everyone prepares for the ASEAN economic Community (AEC) initiatives scheduled for the year 2015, there is a considerable realization that most of AEC’s purposes and goals are effectively attainable through the vehicle of education, in particular, international tertiary education.

Bangkok School of Management, located in Thailand, specializes in narrowing the confidence gap that exists between employers and fresh graduates by providing a tertiary education that directly focuses on the transfer of knowledge and skills in the workplace.

International Institute of Business Networking (IIBN)


International Institute of Business Networking (IIBN) is a modern and dynamic centre providing significant networking opportunities for foreign businesses in Russia. 
IIBN is extending networking opportunities between Russian and foreign companies through offering core services of business research and consultancy, and also by arranging contacts with Russian top companies, enterprises, business associations, research and financial institutions, investment funds, administrative bodies and local authorities in Russia. 
IIBN’s professional services and activities are based on comprehensive research, consultancy and expertise provided through international partnerships between universities, research institutes and industries.

IIBN is the UBIS representative in Russia iibn@partner.ubis-geneva.ch

Masterstudies Marketing Group


Masterstudies Marketing Group is a Norwegian company that has expertise in Search Engine Marketing and specializes in helping education institution with their marketing and student recruitment.


Global Scholarship Trust


Global Scholarship Trust (GST) is a specially designed initiative to encourage young talented students who are underprivileged. GST conducts Scholarship Examination world-wide to outline the students in getting enrolled for their higher education. It also supports the social cause by rendering different Scholarships to the students.

Training Services and Study Abroad Consultancy (TSSAC)

TSSAC is UBIS’es only MBA student recruiting agency in Vietnam that as been authorized to provide formal consultation for students taking by-distance approach to higher education. With its consultants being trained by UBIS, TSSAC has always been trusted for its integrity and experience in handling requests from student, as well as its success in offering the best possible solutions to international by-distance education. In 2014, TSSAC was recognized by UBIS as one of the top international agencies, especially at post-graduate levels.

TSSAC acts on behalf of UBIS to provide the following services:

  • Education consultation and admission procedural supports
  • Supports in assessment of English language proficiency at program entries
  • Orientation to new students on academic methods and requirements
  • Reception of local feedback, for the benefits of learners
  • And other ad-hoc services

For the moment, UBIS’es scholarship programs are offered through TSSAC, which can be accessed at:

Address: 224 Dien Bien Phu Street, Ward 7, District 3, HCMC, Vietnam
Phone: +84 8 22 468 468

International Management (IBM) Institute


IBM Institute has been UBIS’es most effective research and scientific partner in the region. The Institute plays a crucial role in UBIS’es approach to the local corporate communities and the scientific organizations in Vietnam, while delivering excellent services in academic researches in the field of management for the specific South East Asian business environment.

With its strengths in faculty and teams of experts in various industries, IBM Institute has been highly appreciated by the local corporations for offering suitable training programs, especially in:

  • Banking and Finance
  • Insurance Management
  • Maritime and Oil-and-gas services
  • HR development
  • Business Administration

VHV Events and Study Abroad Consultants (Cultural Connection)

VHV Social Page

VHV (Cultural Connection) is UBIS’es Bachelor Program Coordinator in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam). Since March 2016, VHV has been officially trained and authorized by UBIS to provide consultation to prospective students in the city, regarding all Undergraduate and Scholarship programs applicable in the region.

VHV specializes in the following services:

  • Career consultation services and events, targeting junior citizens in the South of Vietnam
  • Academic program consultation and admission supports
  • AEDP scholarship liaison and application support
  • Swiss student Visa services


Ground Floor, Loyal Building
151 Vo Thi Sau Street, Ward 7, District 3
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Phone: +84 (08) 6679 9229
Email: knvhv@partner.ubis-geneva.ch


Eurasia Educational Dynamics (EED) Ltd

Eurasia Educational Dynamics (EED) Ltd is the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) division of The Eurasia Consortium. Founded by graduates of the University of Cambridge and former employees of the University of Oxford, EED’s strategic goal is to provide educational programs of outstanding quality in environments with a tradition of educational excellence or which are unique and inspiring. To date, EED has welcomed delegates from the United States, the People’s Republic of China, Malaysia, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Vietnam, the Russian Federation and the European Union. EED has held its programs in Oxford, Cambridge, New York, Shanghai, Beijing, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Mumbai and Kuala Lumpur. Its inspirational speakers are drawn from business, government and academia with many of the academics that speak on its programs having started and/or exited businesses.

To get more information about our partners, friends and consulting services, feel free, to contact us by email partner@ubis-geneva.ch